Float Tanks are Amazing

Dufloat free e to the recommendations by pop culture icons such as Joe Rogan, the sensory deprivation tank vancouver market has increased significantly in recent years. A Google trends search for the keyword “sensory deprivation tank” in Canada justifies the accusation for a significant upward trend in recent years. Float Free will target a variety of markets. Primarily, the yoga community, university population, and wellness communities of Vancouver will be targeted.

The isolation tank vancouver industry has been on the incline for the past few years after a drastic resurgence in interest. Below are two illustrations from google trends to depict this incline for the keywords “isolation tank” and “sensory deprivation tank.” This is local, Vancouver data

Float Free is in the sensory deprivation tank industry. Our primary service is providing and promoting the act of “floating” to the masses. In order to make this experience memorable for all customers, Float Free will be using Float Pod © technology. The Float Pod © features the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled Design & Functionality
  • 24/7 Filtration When Not in Use
  • Extremely Low Interior Condensation
  • Under-Body Heater: Maintain Constant Temperature During Float
  • 03 Distribution Into Floating Area / Optional UV
  • Multi-Color LEDs: Pause on Colors, Strobing Effects
  • iPod & MP3 Integration
  • All Components Built Into Pod Body; Guts Belong Inside
  • Silent Motor / Multiple Jets For Better Water Flow
  • Lobby Control System & Session Control
  • Warranty: 10 Year Structural, 5 Year Parts and 1 Year Surface
  • Cost= $19000/tank

Memberships options allow for members to float at a discounted rate and also generate capital for Float Free. Float Spa currently offer fantastic membership packages of $45/month for one float. However, they lack the ability for users to capitalize on encouraging their friend to join as well. Float Free will allow for members to add friends to their monthly membership enabling them to get a free float for every member that they bring in onto their account. A member at float spa vancouver  generates income for a minimum of six months, thus providing a free float for every member referral will be an insignificant cost to a program that can be capitalized on by members. Under this structure, every time a member that the initial account holder where to bring in gets a member, the initial account holder benefits significantly by gaining a $5 credit for every indirect referral they acquire. This strategy works much like a pyramid.

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